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WINDA reveals latest wind turbine technician training trends

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GWO training volumes fluctuate across the seasons. This graph demonstrates when the busiest periods are throughout the year.

After completing its first full year of operation, the GWO training records database WINDA can now provide an increasing amount of comparative data.

Today we have released data collected in WINDA during the period Q1, 2018.

BST volumes up while new countries join top 10
An increase in the number of Basic Safety Training refresher courses saw total training volumes rise during the first quarter of 2018.

Compared with Q1 2017, BST courses completed in Q1 2018 rose by 2.3%, driven by significant growth in January (+8.4%) and February (+8.8%) and a slight fall during March (-8.6%).

The March dip can be accounted for by the date at which Easter holidays fell in the calendar, which reduced the number of working days available for GWO certified training sites in the Western Hemisphere during Q1 2018.

The total number of BST courses completed since WINDA began collecting data has now exceeded 179,000, with 40,252 taken during Q1 2018. 

As expected, the two-year refresher cycle for BST (or one year in some countries such as Germany) means that current data reveals a larger volume of refresher courses taken. During Q1 2018, this is particularly true of the Sea Survival Refresher module, where more than three times as many certificates (1296) were completed this year than in Q1 2017 (381).

Other BST refreshers also saw considerable growth in numbers, with Manual Handling up 22%, Working at Height up 14%, First Aid +19.6% and Fire Awareness + 14%.

New entrants join top ten countries 
GWO certified training providers in countries like Turkey and Mexico increased the amount of training they deliver substantially. Both countries combined represented almost 5% of the total during Q1 2018, with the proportion of total training provided in the leading ten countries falling from 89% to 84%. 

Germany saw its volumes rise as the country’s share of the total increased from 16% to 20%. Similarly, GWO training delivered in Belgium and the Netherlands rose considerably, with those two countries now now 6th and 7th on the list.  

Numbers for Basic Technical Training (BTT) are not included within this WINDA data review. 

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