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Two new training standards set for launch

GWO had four standards in development at the end of April 2018

Two new GWO training standards have been earmarked for launch in Q4 2018, with Advanced Rescue Training (ART) and Enhanced First Aid (EFA) set for release in October.

GWO training standards are scoped, designed and developed under the expert guidance of GWO Working Groups, with the support and advice of GWO Training Committee Advisor Haben Zekarias and Senior Training Advisor, Jakob Bjørn Nielsen

The ART and EFA Standards recently moved into the pilot testing phase to assess their viability in the field.

Advanced Rescue currently consists of two modules for the main course and an expected duration of three days’ training if all modules are completed. There will also be a refresher training module about which more details will be made available in due course. 

EFA has seen two pilot tests completed during April 2018, which helped working groups refine the content and structure of training modules. Next steps will see the draft standard tested further in the field before being made ready for approval and release.

Another standard in the earlier stages of development is for blade repair. The GWO Blade Repair Working Group is currently working through the scoping phase, having completed its initial risk analysis. 

Finally, the Basic Safety Training (BST) standard Working Group is currently engaged in a review of the BST Sea Survival module, with pilot tests of proposed revisions scheduled for May 2018. Further details about this review will be published later in the year.

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