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New standards complete latest pilot tests

GWO currently has three new standards in development and one (BST Sea Survival) which began its month long consultation process today

GWO Working Groups have made significant progress in developing new standards, with the completion of three pilot tests during May.

The Advanced Rescue Training Working Group conducted the tests at three GWO independent training provider sites. The first, with Tesicnor in Navarro, Spain; secondly with Skylotec in Neuwied, Germany and finally, Falck Safety Services in Esbjerg, Denmark.

The pilots were designed to rigorously test the standard modules’ duration, lessons, learning objectives and facilities prior to their scheduled release in Q4 2018.

ART’s sister project, Enhanced First Aid will make similar progress during June, when the standard undergoes similar testing, after which GWO will update stakeholders on the latest developments.

Blade Repair
Meanwhile, GWO’s Blade Repair Standard continues to move forward on schedule. Following a two-day workshop at Vestas’ facility in Videbæk, the GWO Blade Repair Working Group completed its ‘Diff analysis’ and has created a design specification. The Group now has a draft structure of the training itself including practical exercises.

The working group’s next steps will be to complete the draft structure before moving onto a full first draft of the Blade Repair standard.

Sea Survival is BST first module put out for consultation 
Finally, the Basic Safety Training (Sea Survival) module was put out to consultation today, with a questionnaire published for feedback purposes. For more information on this consultation and the GWO Training Standards Review 2018-2019, please follow this link

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