Frontpage News News Q2 2018 GWO China Committee leads new auditor workshop


GWO China Committee leads new auditor workshop

GWO's Broder Illing (back row, left) and Jakob Lau Holst (front row, fourth from left) join new auditors at our recent China Committee Audit Workshop in Shenyang

GWO China Committee leads new auditor workshop

China’s growing importance as a hub for GWO training has taken a step forward, after delegates completed a week-long auditing workshop in Shenyang.

The GWO China Committee and GE conducted the auditor workshop to support the path towards accreditation for a dozen lead auditors from four different certification bodies. 

“This is an essential part of our work in China,” said Jakob Lau Holst, CEO at GWO. “The GWO China Committee has very sensibly committed to developing a local GWO- accredited audit network which, in turn, will certify the management systems and capabilities of independent training providers.”  

The event took place at the GE Training Facility in Shenyang, and was led by
LRQA lead auditor Leszek Sitkowski. The delegates witnessed the audit while working at height and manual handling GWO BST modules were delivered. 

“It was really useful for workshop participants to witness a live audit. Leszek was praised for how he transferred his knowledge to the delegates,” said GWO Risk Manager, Broder Illing. “The workshop achieved its main objective, and evaluation from participants was very positive.”

GWO will be conducting similar workshops in future alongside the China Committee and will be holding a full day educational programme at the China WindPower event in Beijing between October 17th and October 19th 2018.

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