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Biannual release dates announced for April and October

The decision will help stakeholders plan for the implementation of new training standards or updates to existing standards and criteria.

Stakeholders will soon be able to set their calendars according to new release dates at the beginning of Q2 and Q4 every year.

To help training providers or certification bodies plan for the implementation of new training standards or updates to existing standards and criteria, GWO created 'release dates'.

Beginning from October 1, 2018, all new release dates will fall as close to the first working day of Q2 or Q4 as is practical. 

GWO will notify stakeholders when and where subsequent release dates fall on the calendar.

What information will be announced on the new release dates?

The release dates are earmarked for new standards, updates and revisions to existing training standards, training criteria or certification criteria. If a safety critical risk is discovered in an existing standard or criteria, revisions will be issued immediately.

How quickly after a release date do we have to implement an update or begin training a new standard?

The biannual release dates apply as follows:

  1. TRAINING STANDARDS: Launch of new task-specific training standards such as Enhanced First Aid or Advanced Rescue. These are task-specific standards and can be implemented immediately following their release. Training providers must have their course audited by a GWO-accredited certification body.
  2. TRAINING STANDARDS: Revisions to existing training standards. If a revision is deemed safety critical, it will be for immediate implementation. For all other revisions, as soon as practically possible or within three months of the release date.
  3. Previous versions of a revised standard remain valid during the above three month period. After this period has expired, the new standard version will be in force. If a new standard revision is launched on 1st October, the new version will come into force on the following 1st January, replacing the previous version.
  4. CRITERIA FOR TRAINING PROVIDERS/CERTIFICATION BODIES - If an update is not safety critical as described above, the previous version will be available for six months.

Want to learn more?

Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section.
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here.

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