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Wind turbine technicians flocked to GWO training in 2017

  • Global Wind Industry Training Records Database (WINDA) publishes first full year data
  • 44,000+ people completed GWO Basic Safety Training in 2017
  • Top ten training providers delivered over 52,000 GWO modules in 2017
  • 135 nationalities trained in 36 countries 
Copenhagen – Thursday 22 February 2018 – Global Wind Organisation has published its first annual report, which shows that during 2017 44,418 technicians from 135 countries received GWO certified safety training in 2017.

GWO, a non-profit representing wind turbine manufacturers and operators covering more than two thirds of the market**, operates WINDA, which verifies the certification status of GWO Certified Training Providers and the training status of technicians or ‘Delegates’, who have attended GWO certified training courses.
WINDA launched in October 2016 and GWO today publishes its first full year of data.

The report reveals a range of information including a top ten training providers (see table below), who delivered over 52,000 modules in 2017. Meanwhile, 30 providers delivered more than 100 modules every month and the top 15 nations represented on WINDA now includes significant markets outside Europe, with Mexico, India and the USA all increasing their volumes of training.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, says: “GWO strives for an injury free working environment in the wind industry, through cooperation among the members and other stakeholder organisations in setting world wide safety training standards based on industry statistics and risk evaluations.

“We are confident the numbers speak for themselves. Our membership frequently reports that by adopting GWO standards they can make considerable improvements in the overall efficiency of their training programs.

“Anecdotal evidence from Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) manufacturers in GWO membership suggests this could be roughly equivalent to the time spent by technicians on their previous basic safety and technical programs. For global sub-contractors, the frequency of avoided duplication is reportedly much higher, as they tend to have more mobility across installation and service sites.

“Assuming an average of one annual avoided training day per GWO certified training day, GWO certified technicians have potentially been available for an additional 121,744 days of work during 2017,” Jakob says. 
 Global Wind Organisation Certified Training Providers 2017
  1. Falck Safety Services 9.4%
  2. Maersk Training 9.0%
  3. Siemens Gamesa 5.4%
  4. AIS 4.3%
  5. Windhunter Academy 3.3%
  6. Complete Training Solutions 3.1%
  7. 3M Fall Protection/Capital Safety Group 2.7%
  8. FORMA-T 2.1%
  9. Ingeteam 2.0%
  10. TESICNOR SL 1.9%
  11. Others (146 training providers) 56.8%
Editors’ Notes
For a full copy of the WINDA Report, please click here: WINDA Annual Report 2018
GWO is a non-profit organisation of wind turbine owners and wind turbine manufacturers, committed to the creation and adoption of standardized safety training and emergency procedures.

Independent training providers deliver GWO-certified training to delegates worldwide with 156 companies doing so in 2017.

Training records are uploaded and stored in the GWO WINDA database, allowing members to verify training records quickly and easily, helping employers avoid unnecessary spending on re-training.

** Data extracted from publicly available sources. GWO counts eight original equipment manufacturers amongst its membership who collectively have constructed and installed 68.1% of global wind generating capacity. The remainder of GWO membership consists of turbine owners and operators. 

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