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Pilot test for the Basic Safety Training Sea Survival module

The wind industry is constantly evolving and the same applies for the training required to stay safe. A GWO working group is therefore testing an update to the BST Sea Survival module and has recently completed a pilot.

The pilot aimed to verify if training can be completed in one day, rather than the current one and a half. Feedback from experienced Training Providers and Delegates showed that certain theoretical learning outcomes could be merged into the practical exercises, which could shorten the duration and support the learning retention of the Delegates.

Having gone through the full Sea Survival course in one day, the initial assessment is that it can be done within a one-day timeframe. Further evaluation of the update and  pilot will result in a second pilot that is currently intended to be conducted in March. If the outcome of this is positive, the findings will be brought forward to the GWO Steering Committee for review.

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