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New Requirement for BTT Gap Training Launched

BTT Standardisation Process Begins

GWO has developed a new Requirement for Performing BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment, as members begin transferring technicians to the BTT Standard.

The Requirement is designed for BTT Certified Training Providers to validate pre-existing training and gap train where necessary, supporting the industry’s transition to the BTT.

Gap training can be offered against the analysis currently being completed by manufacturers who are members of GWO. This process will be particularly useful for those technicians who operate either as sole traders or are employed by smaller businesses with fewer than 25 people.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of GWO explained: “After 31st March 2018, all new technicians working for GWO member companies and their suppliers, will be expected to complete the BTT Standard.

“Those who have existing training from GWO member companies will have their skills merit assessed over the coming months and where appropriate, they will be offered gap training to fill in any of the missed learning objectives.

“The process of transitioning up to 90,000 technicians from multiple, entry level technical training certificates issued by members, to the GWO Basic Technical Training Standard is a significant undertaking.

“Our members are, through the process of merit assessment and third-party audit, transitioning thousands of technicians onto the standard. Meanwhile, technicians from smaller organisations or self-employed contractors with pre-existing training can now have their previous experience and training validated and receive gap training with the support of BTT certified independent training providers.”

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Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section.
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