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Enhanced First Aid in Remote Areas (EFA)

GWO is developing an Enhanced First Aid (EFA) training standard, to provide employers an extra level of first aid training that can help stabilize and keep casualties alive until rescue arrives and thereby avoid deterioration of the situation.

The main objective of the upcoming EFA training standard is to add to the skills attained from the GWO Basic Safety Training First Aid course. This would qualify technicians to stabilize a casualty in the event of an accident/life threatening trauma/ illness and allowing the transfer of the casualty from a remote location to a place of safety and sustained medical attention.

In the standard, there will be a great focus on the use of medical teleconsultation in case of an emergency and how to obtain medical advice to further stabilise the casualty. Hence, it will be a prerequisite to have a telecommunication system in place that enables medical teleconsultation support.

The EFA work group is currently in the process of finalizing the first draft of the EFA standard. The next step in the process is a review of the draft with selected industry resources and conduct pilot tests. 
The GWO training standard is based on the German DGUV ‘First Aid on Offshore Wind Farms’ standard and medical doctors have been assigned to the project to ensure that correct and necessary medical training including the use of medical teleconsultation is provided.

The standard is expected to be finalized Q1/2018.

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