Frontpage FAQ Topic 7: BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment

Topic 7: BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment

Topic 7: Requirements to BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment

In March 2018, GWO launched the Requirements for BTT Gap Training and Merit Assessment, to support the industry's adoption of the Basic Technical Training Standard. 

Q: What are the guidelines for the Basic Technical Training Standard?

A: All newly qualified wind turbine technicians will be expected by GWO
 Member companies to be certified in GWO BTT from 31st March 2018. All technicians with a pre-existing entry level training obtained prior to 31st March 2018 should either seek merit assessment from their employer or where appropriate, apply for pre-existing training validation and gap training against their existing qualifications from a BTT Certified Training Provider.

Q: What if a delegate or group of delegates have received more than one entry level training programme from a GWO member company. For example Siemens Level 1-4 and Vestas Service D?

A: Following a review of the relevant gaps in their training, the delegate or group will be merit assessed and gap trained according to the legacy training containing the smallest gap. 

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Please read the current GWO Standards and Criteria or see our in-depth FAQ-section. 
You are always welcome to contact the GWO secretariat here.

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